The main fields of operation in which OME supplies its products are:
  • OIL & GAS - In this field OME supplies standard bolting in carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, duplex,  superduplex.
  • OFF-SHORE - In this field OME supplies bolting materials with particular resistance to corrosion and low electrical conductivity. In order to obtain these characteristics, the pieces are protected with several kinds of special coatings
  • CIVIL - In this field OME supplies several types of anchor bolts in carbon and alloy steel materials which are protected from corrosion.
  • POWER GENERATION - In this field OME supplies very special pieces, to customer drawings, in alloy and stainless steels, special alloys.
  • TURBINES, VALVES, COMPRESSORS & SPECIAL APPLICATIONS - In these fields OME supplies both standard and special pieces in accordance with customer drawings in Duplex and Superduplex steel, stainless steel and alloy steel material.
  • NUCLEAR - In this field OME supplies standard pieces or special pieces according to customer drawings with particular certification to ASME Code, RCCM or other nuclear standards
  • WIND MILLS –  in this field OME supplies special pieces according to drawings