since 1984

Hexagonal was founded in 1984 in Cividate Camuno, (Brescia/Italy).

The line is specialized in the construction of hot pressed nuts without size limits for the Oil &Gas market, energy, nuclear, valves, turbines and renewables.

During 2021 Hexagonal joined OME, in order to offer its customers the guarantee of constant innovation in line with market needs. OME thus proposes itself as a company capable of satisfying the demand of increasingly demanding markets from the point of view of product quality, production capability and service level.


Product quality, production capacity and shares know-how

Hexagonal staff specializes in the production of hot-stamped nuts and follows the production process from the selection of the raw material, up to the choice of technologies to be used for the finishes, depending on the application areas of the different products.

The main processes that characterize the products of the Hexagonal line are:

  • Hot forming
  • Heat treatment