Experience, knowledge and technology are always at Customer’s service and parts of equipment/machine where the OME fixing systems will be installed.

The quality of OME fastening components is subjected to rigorous internal controls by third parties and, above all, is subject to laboratory tests carried out by our specialized technical team.

Raw materials, rigorously of European origin, are tested in our laboratory to ensure compliance with the applicable specification requirements. The semi-finished products are tested chemically and mechanically according to the reference specifications. Additional mechanical tests are also performed during the entire production cycle when intermediate or final heat treatments are made.

ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratories regularly check and calibrate OME testing equipment.

In case of ISO / IEC 17025 testing is required, OME collaborates with external certified laboratories.

Tests are made also on all coatings which are carried out.

Finished product is checked following international regulations and applicable specifications before delivery to Client.

The main test and quality controls are performed within our laboratory are: