Hot forming departments are equipped with manual and automatic presses and balancers, with a maximum power of 1,500 tons.

All the dies used for forging are made in OME. Numerous plants are equipped with advanced automation systems to ensure high productivity and some of the highest safety standards in the industry.

To maintain the traceability of its products, OME manufactures its dies with markings as indicated by the standards. This allows the creation of additional identifications on specific Customer request.



Cold forming department is made up of complete automatic machines for forming and automatic machines for rolling. With this kind of production, OME can manufactures screws, studs, tie rods and manways from M6 (1/4 ") to M14 (9/16") in different qualities of material.

The management of the set up of the machine takes place with the support of automatic warehouse. All data are recorded by an electronic system and shared through a MES management system. .