Oil & Gas / Petrolchemical

OME, also thanks to API and Norsok approvals, is considered a highly qualified and reliable partner. OME supplies fastening devices, for use in construction of valves, actuators, centrifugal pumps, compressors and turbines as well as for main static devices (such as reactors, pressure vessels and heat exchangers) used in Upstream, Midstream Downstream (including Subsea, Offshore and Onshore) of prestigious international projects. OME also supplies its components for desalination plants, specifically, for the assembly of valves, pumps and various related equipment.



OME supplies fasteners according to Customer specifications for the construction of ship engines and propellers of large dimensions. Our flexibility and “just in time service” satisfies any specific requests and make OME a reliable partner for the supply of new engine parts as well as for spare parts.

Energy production

OME produces fixing parts for the whole energy sector. It’s specialized in the supply of bolts, studs, fully threaded bars, nuts, screws and hexagonal caps. The application fields are gas turbines, compressors, power generators and heat exchangers.

Nuclear energy

Since 70’s, the company has been approved by Customers who build nuclear plants for primary and secondary circuits and nuclear-powered naval engines. The technical skill of OME team and the internal quality control department are an important point of reference for Customers and End Users operating in this critical field.

Renewable energy

OME takes up the challenge of the energy transition, adopting “green” technologies in response to current environmental issues, being a supplier of fasteners for large wind farms, power generators with hydraulic turbines and (blue and green) hydrogen, production and storage.


The EN 9100: 2018 / AS9100: D approval confirms the utmost attention to critical orders. This important result is achieved thanks to the development of internal skills, which allows OME to supply fastening components for the aerospace sector, with a specific focus for jet propulsion, thanks to the many years of knowledge of alloys with a high nickel and titanium content.

Heavy constructions

The Heavy Constructions industry emphasizes OME's management in highly critical projects. Over the years, OME supplied special parts for the construction of bridges and hydraulic turbines.