The desire to create innovation took shape through internal laboratories aimed at guaranteeing quality, reliability, and safety.

1972- Certification issued by TÜV BAYERN. “Product approval” for the production of special linkages and bolts in accordance with AD W7 (pressure Vessel) e TRD 106 (Steam generators).

1974 - “Quality assurance and control system” in accordance with the ASME III NCA 3800 code. This certification qualified OME for the management of specifications in the nuclear sector.

1975 - OME acquired Stampinox, specialized in the production of stainless steel fasteners.

The company strategically expanded its production range, ensuring the same quality standards as the production of linkage also for screws and inspection caps. Stainless steels and alloys were introduced among the raw materials.


At the end of the 1970s, the development of nuclear energy emerged. An extremely active sector abroad, with the United States and France among the leading manufacturing nations. OME was among the first companies to enter this segment and to certify production processes and products, according to strict international regulations.

The choice to be certified has allowed OME to become a precursor for some reference sectors in Italy and, more generally, strongly oriented to international markets.